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Dreaming of being a star?

Though dreams of stardom, fame and fortune might seem far-fetched, they can become a reality. Select casting can help you achieve this dream.

Select Casting has established itself as a respected and leading casting agency.




Why pick us?

Working with us you will get a fantastic service. Customer care is our top priority.


Established in 2004 Today we are recognized as one of the top casting agencies.

Flexible Service

Our experience spans many types of media including films, television, commercial, photographic and voice-overs. Coupled with our ability to work with any budget we provide a truly flexible service.

Expert Advice

We provide artists for a wide range of varying productions be it in film, television, online, modelling and print or stage.

Client satisfaction

We work round the clock to assist any production companies that are in need of our services. If you need us, we are here for you.​

Planning & Strategy

Select Casting understands the needs and requirements that filming entails which is why you are able to source all walks of life, ethnicities and backgrounds registered on the site.

Large database

Our database is continually being updated and maintained to ensure that we can match the right candidates to your requirements.

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Everyone is talented in their own way, let us help you showcase it

Whether you are a casting director looking for the next great talent for your production or a talented performer looking for your next big break get in touch and let’s make it happen together!