What we do

Dreaming of being a star?

Founded in 2004, Select casting ltd has established itself in the industry as the first professional UK supplier of artist and casting director to Bollywood films choosing to film in the UK.

Since then Select has gone on to provide actors, dancers, models as well as extras to a whole range of productions in all genres and for production companies from the UK as well as from the world over.


Let's get you hired!

Expert Advice

We provide artists for a wide range of varying productions be it in film, television, online, modelling and print or stage.

Planning & Strategy

Select casting understands the needs and requirements that filming entails which is why you are able to source all walks of life, ethnicities and backgrounds registered on the site.

Clients Satisfaction

We work round the clock to assist any production companies that are in need of our services. If you need us, we are here for you.

Team Advice

We work closely with our clients, our performers and other casting directors in order to work towards the best final production that can be realised.

Interested in starting?

Everyone one is talented in their own way, each person can be a shinning star, we encourage you to register on our website and complete as much details about yourself as you can, the more you can showcase yourself the better we can help to cultivate and establish you. We want you to show of your skills, especially if you have any unique skills! Do remember however, honesty is the best policy!


What our clients say

Acting is one of the most bizarre industries to break into. For a while it seemed you had to know the right people or be someone in the industry. Select Casting changed that for me. It’s not just a surf for a job, it’s the back up you receive, the support: This is why I’m here. They know that if we do well, they do well. Thanks Select (Venetia)!
Martin Sigournay
One call, one stop, the right people at the right time. Select Casting my first choice.
Sevy Ali
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