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Self Promotion - Tips & Advice

Self Promotion - Tips and Advice

1. To make the best use of this website you should post at least one close up head shot of yourself (this should be the main image) as well as at least one full length picture of yourself.

2. If you have a show reel this will help you as it gives some idea of your ability and style.

3. We cannot stress enough how important it is for you to post your past credits. The more credits you show the easier it is for you to get more work. If you are a professional actor or dancer and you do not include your past credits, the directors and producers are not

convinced of your professionalism.

4. Please also do not include photos of yourself with other people in the pictures even if they are celebrities as this will not help you to convince the director or producer that you are the right actor/dancer/extra for his film.

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