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Performer Subscription/Membership

Please kindly note to classify yourself as an actor you MUST have the following credentials:

Either Equity membership and/or Spotlight membership (verification will be requested) failure to provide this will result in your status being lowered to Extras category.

A professional Head shot - failure to provide this will result in your status being marked as Extra and not Actor/Actress

Credits and Training MUST be listed on your profile - Failure to provide this means that you will be recategorised as Extra rather than Actor/actress.

Everyone is signed up to a basic membership which allows you full access to all jobs posted by ourselves and some jobs that casting directors or production companies post. An agency commission is deducted from all fees offered when paid. This commission is usually 20%, unless otherwise stated(then usually less than 20% depending on the fees offered by the client).

With a Basic profile you are NOT entitled to post external website links etc such as Spotlight or Starnow, CastcallPro etc. (this is exclusive to Premium members who are entitled to this.

You cannot add this to your covering note when applying for jobs as it will be removed along with any contact details (unless you are a Premium member)

If you wish to include a video or audio clip you MUST use the means provided. (see Help for uploading & displaying videos)

If you are still unable to add a video or audio to your profile - please email us the link at we would be happy to assist you in adding it to your profile - We are here to Help you achieve the highest standards for yourself.

All registered performers are able to upgrade to a premium membership status for a small annual fee(currently set at only £35 for the whole year). Premium membership allows members to access everything that basic members are entitled to as well as follows:
*You are able to apply for additional jobs posted by casting directors where a commission is not deducted according to their selection process.
*You can post your contact details (optional) allowing casting directors and production companies to contact you directly(no commission would be due to us in these cases)
*You can post messages in the message forum which is purely for premium members only.
*In addition to creating your online cv/profile you can upload a cv document.

SMS subscription Service
All members whether basic or premium are eligible to subscribe to the SMS messaging service. This will notify you when a job has been posted on the site allowing you to apply for the job before anyone else.

Subscription rates are:
Single sms charged at 10p
12 SMS for £1
70 SMS for £5
100 SMS for £8
150 SMS for £12
200 SMS for £15


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