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Being an Extra

What does being an extra mean?

Being an extra is like a being a member of the production crew. It is an important and vital job in the film. As an extra it is imperative that you are punctual, reliable and good at following instructions on and around the film sets.

Being an extra often means making yourself available at short notice and at odd times. Sometimes you are required to drop things at a moments notice. Days are often very long. It is a bonus if you have your own transport as some locations are difficult to get to. You need to learn to adapt to being tough skinned as some directors can be very blatant and not sensitive to your feelings. You should learn to be positive in difficult situations.

Once you are booked for a job, make certain that you handle yourself in a professional manner as this will assist you in obtaining future jobs.

Once booked for a job make certain you know and understand the requirements, if you are asked to bring or wear a formal suit make sure you wear or take one with you. (It is generally a good idea to take at least 2 options with you. If taking a suit dont forget the shirt, tie and appropriate shoes - its no good weariing trainers with a formal suit!) If you are requested to attend a call time of 9.00 am, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to make sure you are there at the correct call time (it is good practice to be there early). The most important point here is that if you have been booked for a shoot make sure you turn up or inform us at least 24hours beforehand if you cannot make it - at worst if you cannot make it at the last minute notify us as soon as possible and if you can send a freind in replacement it shows initiative. It is unacceptable to confirm your attendance and simply not turn up and turn off your phone. This would in many cases bar you from futher calls.

Please remember that being an extra is by no means an easy job. It is almost never a job that can provide you with a comforatble living. It should be treated more like a serious hobby, providing adventure, fun and a small extra pocket money. The film sets are also a great place to meet new frends who are also extras. An added bonus is to see yourself on the big screen!

The main thing is to conduct yourself in a safe and professional manner. Enjoy yourself and learn from the experience.

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