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Casting Directors Help - Posting a Job or Casting

Dear Casting Director/Producer/Director

Welcome to our new website and Thank you for visiting!

We wanted to explain a little about how our system works.

Posting a job is very simple with step by step instructions along the way as you are posting your job or casting.

The real difference lies in the way you choose to accept applicaations or search the system.

You have a choice between

Free Basic Members (commission based 20% commission is deducted from the fees paid to the Perfomer)

Paid Premium members (commission free and access to direct contact details)

or a combination of the two.

You can also either search through the database for your choice of performer or you can post the job directly.  We can also post the job for you if you are short of time or do not have access to the internet.

Just email your requirements with as much details as you can provide to us at

You will be able to source both crew and performers far more easily through the new site either directly or via the agency.

You will even be able to post the jobs/castings on the website free of charge, also with the options to select via the agency (basic members) should you not wish to be bombarded by too many applications or you can opt to receive applications directly from the performers(premium).  You can even have a mix of the two options allowing even more choices.

Just for your reference:
Basic members are hired through the agency in the usual way and are paid less our 20% agency commission
Premium members pay an annual fee and are hired directly (we receive no commission from these members)

Should you require any assistance please feel free to email us at or you are welcome to call either myself or either of my assistants on the following numbers

Mehul: 07949 703 709
Jaimin: 07906 713 172

Or myself on: 077000 59089 or 07956 131 494

We look forward to assisting you with your next production!

Have a sensational day!


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