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Terms & Conditions - Performer & Crew

SELECT CASTING LTD - Terms & Conditions

Performer/Crew T&C's
When deciding whether you would like to join our database you should take the following points into consideration as performing is not necessarily for everyone.
Behind the Glamour is a lot of hard work dedication and perseverance - not to mention boredom waiting around for your turn to film.

You must be legally allowed to work in the country that you apply for a job in, for example if you apply for a job in the Uk you must be legally allowed to work in the UK and possess a national insurance no. If you apply for a job in the United States - you MUST have a work permit to work there, and so on - do not apply for jobs where you are unable to legally work.
When applying for a job or casting you must make certain that you are available for the casting and the shoot dates.  Often you will be notified for the casting at very short notice.
You must be reliable and dependable.
You must be willing to work unsociable hours as shoots often start very early, finish very late or are night shoots - you must be flexible!

Any Performers or Crew members who register to be on our database at give authority to the agency(Select Casting Ltd) to act on their behalf and to recieve payment on their behalf.
Our agency commission rate is set at 20% commission from all jobs for BAsic membership subscribers (in some case the commission is lowered)
The paid rate will always be agreed in advance and is usually clearly posted on the website.
All Performers/Crew members will be paid once the production company has paid the relevant invoice. We regret that we are unable to make any advance payments whatsoever.
We do not charge registration fees therefore this is not deducted from the payment from Basic members at any time. Premium members will pay an annual fee and will not be charges commission for any work sourced through us.  There are also entitled to publish contact details(optional) as well as external website links.
Basic members are NOT entitled to publish external web links or contact details.  Any applications bearing this will be deleted.

Members categorising themselves as Actors must provide verifiable details to substantiate this(explained in Performer Membership - See Help section), failure to do so will result in a downgrade to 'Extra' status.

Protected by the Data Protection Act 1998.

Future Work - Basic Members
As a basic member any future work that is later undertaken with a client who originally booked you through us will mean that you are duty bound to pay us the commission due on the subsequent jobs. You must notify us immediately if this occurs.  Failure to do so will result in an invoice for the commission plus an admin fee of a further £15 plus vat.

 As a Basic Member your contact details are confidential information and are not passed on to anyone (obviously if you are a Premium member, it is optional to you to choose how much of your contact information is made available to Casting directors etc).  From time to time we may contact you or our client may contact you directly if we feel that the information or opportunity that may be of interest to you. Your information is not passed on to any other third parties outside this.

Any registered Performer/Crew member is able to cancel membership at any time by simply emailing  'REMOVE' along with your name. However any work undertaken with our clients will still be subject to our commission fees being deducted.  Any Premium members wishing to terminate their membership will not be refunded the subscription fee.  The annual subscription fee is non-refundable.

When a performer/Crew member is booked for a job, the employer is the production company and not Select Casting Ltd.
We at Select casting seek to find opportunities for its registered Performers and Crew members for work within the film and television industry.
When a Performer or Crew member is confirmed for a production/job or casting by the agency (Select Casting Ltd) the Performer or Crew member will be employed by the relevant production company and not by Select Casting Ltd (the Agency).
Usually the name of the production company will be given on the contract of employment between the artist and the production company or on arrival on set, during the completion of the relevant paperwork.

Paperwork: Performers
The artist chit on PACT/FAA productions will be your contract of employment with the relevant production company.
The release form or artist chit on non-PACT/FAA productions will be your contract of employment with the relevant production company.
We use the same Chit for all productions, the agreed rate between agent and artist will always be agreed on in advance of the booking.
It is this agreed rate that will be paid to the artist.
Please make sure you keep a copy of this as it is proof of your work.
Should there be any query in payment you will be required to produce this paperwork to assist in the investigation of the same.

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