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Why use us?

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When you work with us you will get a fantastic service. Customer care is our top priority.


Reasons to work with us

  1. Established in 2004
    Today we are recognized as one of the top casting agencies.
  2. Flexible service
    Our experience spans many types of media including films, television, commercial, photographic and voice-overs. Coupled with our ability to work with any budget we provide a truly flexible service.
  3. Identity checks
    We check all artistes to ensure that they can legally work in the country you require and keep all relevant documentation.
  4. On-Set
    We make sure our artistes work with you in a way you can be proud of..
  5. Skilled artistes or Specific ethnicity
    We can provide artistes with any skills you may require; be it fire juggling to opera singing? Or perhaps you are looking for a specific ethnic minority such as Africans, Caribbeans or Eastern Europeans for example.
  6. Large database
    Our database is continually being updated and maintained to ensure that we can match the right candidates to your requirements.